How to better deal with complexity – Part 7: feedback loops

Feedback loops are one of the attributes that can be added to any organization or group to improve its ability to deal with complexity.

Feedback loop is a continuous process of sending feedback from one party to another, getting the other party’s response and send it back to the first party. It’s the same as recording from a camera a screen that projects the camera output. Feedback loops in the business can be found between people or groups (inside or outside a company) filling different roles in the business.

Feedback loops provide teams and groups direct feedback from other teams and groups and less indirect feedback (typically provided by committees, governance bodies, and management). It doesn’t mean that externals to the loop can’t be notified, but it means that the loops should establish between a group that provides services and the environment they serve. There shouldn’t be any middle-man in this process. 

Feedback loops decrease the time it takes from getting feedback to the right team or role that can take action. It also gives continuous immediate feedback, which enables the team to continuously adapt. The direct feedback loop also verifies that the relevant team/role will get all the information and without any interpretation. 

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