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There are many companies that provide expertise in the areas of agile Scrum, Lean Software Development, Kanban, Extreme Programming (XP), Crystal, Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM), and Feature Driven Development (FDD). While there are many Agile experts, there are few which can help you transform management and the entire organization to be agile. Such a transformation requires change in almost every HR and management processes. Galaxies is one of the few companies with the experience to lead a successful transformation like this.

What do we offer?

Full implementation

Implementing any agile methodology in an organization at scale is a long process which begins with changes in management and HR processes, through extensive change management, and intensive education requiring a lengthy implementation process. Galaxies has developed the methods and tools and has real life experience in implementing all necessary steps to create agile management.


Although it takes several years to turn an organization into a fully functional agile organization, the implementation process of agile organization is relatively easy. To do so though, requires previous experience in operating a company based on these principles. This is crucial for success because theoretical knowledge is simply not enough. We have this experience. Galaxies doesn’t just talk about agile organization, we’ve operated on agile principles since our inception.

Exceptional Result

  • 40% increase in customer satisfaction
  • 20% savings within a five year budget period
  • 78% yearly projects completed successfully

Thought Leadership

Galaxies is a principle thought leader in the arena of Agile Management and Agile Organizations. We are prolific publishers of content and speak regularly on all aspects of agile management and agile organizations.

Eliminating Silos

A primary catalyst for increasing performance and efficiencies during an agile implementation is the elimination of silos. A common example is when two or more groups are not sharing data or collaborating because they are always competing for scarce resources. Competition is the antithesis of collaboration. Agile organizations shift from a silo model to hybrid groups designed to efficiently meet objectives.

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