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Galaxies was founded in June 2019. Our purpose is to positively change the future of work and organizations by adjusting current management systems and organization structures to meet the needs of the business world of today and tomorrow. Based on 25 years of experience, knowledge of a variety of management systems, and expertise in leveraging ‘System Thinking’ as a tool, we have developed a unique method and set of products that can help companies adjust management. With a more agile and efficient management, your company will be better fit for complexity, uncertainty and exponential changes in business and technology innovation. On top of helping organizations to adjust their management and structure, we also support organization with innovation and leveraging technologies as a competitive advantage.

We do not just talk the talk; we also walk the walk. Galaxies is operating based on principles of self-managed and self-organized management theory. Under a GNU license, we provide our management system for free so everyone can explore and use it.

Who we are

We are a team of autodidacts, having taught ourselves to solve problems through a willingness to learn and grow. We learn fast and respond even faster!

Like all other successful teams, we are a team with hybrid expertise, background, and experience in various industries.

What brings us together is passion, dedication, and a common purpose. We seek to help people by developing a better future for the workplace and organization through adjusting management systems and the organization’s model.

Our Founder

Natty Gur is the founder of Galaxies. He is a thought leader and practitioner of better ways to organize and motivate people while managing organizations. Natty is a keen believer of self-managed teams based on non-deterministic management principles. He is a supporters of decentralized, distributed and autonomous organizations. Natty has 17 years of experience running different sizes of organizations and groups. He serves as executive leader of technological organizations and provides value by focusing on business and harnessing emerging technologies to contribute to business and humanity. Natty is experienced in developing and executing Enterprise Architecture programs in a variety of industries. He is an amateur photographer with a passion for nature and landscaping and a devoted practitioner of a daily meditation to be calmer, yet more productive.

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