Services | Decentralized Shared Services

Shared services as a best practice has proven to be inherently efficient but implantation can be tricky in a complex and ever changing business environment. There is a fine line between agility and efficiency which is why Galaxies has built a framework designed to unlock unseen alternatives, informing otherwise hidden options. The result: increased overall corporate performance.
What do we offer?

Full implementation

From collecting data through modeling, multiple simulations, and then selecting a solution (what remains shared services and or moves to a department) to implementing the change, Galaxies will be a partner that you can trust. By observing what drives people and interconnectivity between people, structure, policies, processes and technology we can perform any task which will provide you value. We have extensive experience in implementing changes management for shared services.


Our shared services experience runs the gambit: clients, employees, managers and as executives in charge. This combined experience from the perspective of all stakeholders ensures we have the ability for seamless, timely and on budget implementation.

Increasing internal customer satisfaction

We guarantee at least 40% improvement in internal and external customer satisfaction. We will establish metrics to prove this viability and numbers don’t lie.

Peaking Business Result

Increased customer satisfaction is a direct result of decentralizing shared services. As internal efficiencies increase, so will the bottom line. The “old way” of doing things will fades away as new efficiencies make them outdated and obsolete.

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