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There are many companies that provide expertise in the areas of agile Scrum, Lean Software Development, Kanban, Extreme Programming (XP), Crystal, Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM), and Feature Driven Development (FDD). While there are many Agile experts, there are few which can help you transform management and the entire organization to be agile. Such a transformation requires change in almost every HR and management processes. Galaxies is one of the few companies with the experience to lead a successful transformation like this.

Increase innovation

Innovation is the key to long term success and survival for all companies. Companies which emphasize innovation have a competitive advantage. All corporate leaders understand the importance of innovation, yet only 6% express satisfaction with the level of creativity within their own organization. Due to real life experience Galaxies is able to bridge the gap between maintaining efficiencies, avoiding risk and nurturing creativity to induce a competitive advantage.

Decentralize Shared Services

Shared services as a best practice has proven to be inherently efficient but implantation can be tricky in a complex and ever changing business environment. There is a fine line between agility and efficiency which is why Galaxies has built a framework designed to unlock unseen alternatives, informing otherwise hidden options. The result: increased overall corporate performance.

Implementing System Thinking

System thinking is a relatively new problem-resolving methodology and tool set designed to better deal with complex (multiple autonomous, diverse and interconnected parts) systems, organizations and problems. System thinking uncovers how different parts are interconnected informing a holistic picture of the challenge at hand. This view reveals the root causes of known problems formally hidden to leadership. This leads to a new mindset on how systems are working both in the abstract and from a scientific perspective through models and simulations. This approach allows organizations to succeed in a way traditional analysis is unable to compete with.

Preventing conflicts

Workplace conflict costs the American market $450B a year. Most organizations focus on resolving conflicts. At Galaxies, our focus is preventing them. What are the primary forces behind workplace conflict? We have identified three primary causes. First, ill-defined lines of communication throughout the workforce. Secondly, ill-defined roles and responsibilities and finally, unclear expectations. Galaxies has developed a unique solution and approach which will decrease conflicts by increasing the visibility into accountabilities and expectations. We will provide processes to lesson gaps between job descriptions and reality. Our solution resolves conflicts before they become personal (and often immutable) and brings the visibility necessary to stave off conflicts before they arise helping the bottom line.

Fractional CIO/CTO

Many small and medium businesses would greatly benefit from the knowledge and experience a chief information officer could bring on both a strategic and tactical level yet don’t have the resources or need for a full time executive. We provide a dedicated fractional Chief Information Officer who will be part of your team on a as needed basis and you only pay for what you need (from 10% FTE to 70%). Your dedicated CIO will be responsible for reducing IT costs, increasing asset and reputation protections, strategy, architecture, operation and optimization while ensuring compliance with all laws and regulations.

Change Management

Galaxies has flipped the switch: Our change management platform works and has proven results. We come from a deep understanding of how dynamic systems, such as corporations, operate. We have identified the change management practices that once adopted, will open and encourage the opportunities desired by the organization.

Operation Excellence

Most organizations see operations as a linear process that runs from strategy, research and development, then to the back office and production lines and finally across the entire supply chain. We see operations as a nonlinear process based on multiple events which can impact each other. Seeing an organization this way opens the door of opportunity for operational optimization, giving you the competitive advantage. Let’s use our expertise to create disruption in your industry.

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