To be More Efficient

Improve Revenue Cycle Management

Complexity and Change

Claim process that is complex and changes often.


Every error reduces trust with the customer.

Patient Hospital Experience

The entire patient hospital experience should be a trusted one. ​​

Claims Processing?

  • Are you struggling to execute and drive results to your stakeholders?
  • Is your leadership team prepared to respond to change?
  • Do you need help managing guidelines?
  • Is adapting to change causing budget challenges?

Galaxies has the Experience

Our framework will quickly identify gaps so you can respond to change quickly.

  • 40% increase customer satisfaction
  • 20% decrease in revenue leakage within 5 years
  • 60% increase business application service availability
  • 115% increase in completion of yearly projects

Your Success Plan

1. Identifying a Problem

Together we will identify the scope and define current problem.

2. Understanding your Context

Following your expertise let’s create an understanding of your business and company’s unique context

3. Leveraging a Framework

Utilize our laser-focused process to rapidly provide the solution.

4. Watch Metrics Improve

Let’s define metrics for success and watch them grow.

Our Promise

• Increase clarity during times of uncertainty
• Get revenue back on track in months
• Resolve problems in weeks

Will lead to…

• Improve your competitive advantage
• Boost efficiencies and revenue
• Increase patient satisfaction
Above all we equip people with the tools that will enable them to better deal with change.  This is desperately needed to improve the world.

Why does it matter?

  • ACO providers forfeited $170 million in shared savings because of either negative savings adjustment from lower quality scores or failures to report quality altogether.
  • Every year a group of ACOs lose their shared savings because average HCC codes for their population decreased solely due to neglect

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