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We assist healthcare providers by improving patient outcomes, accelerating provider receivables, increasing reimbursements, and enabling organizations to transform from a revenue-based model to a value-based reimbursement model. We utilize our proprietary framework when working with practitioners, accountable care organizations, hospitals, integrated networks, payers, and delivery systems to provide clarity and roadmaps in the following areas:

What do we offer?


Galaxies can help healthcare companies provide deeper and richer insights into the complexity of M&A. To enhance the odds of a successful M&A we provide in-depth simulations which link outcomes, strategy alignments, due diligence, and merger-based outcomes.

Galaxies will work closely with each client to ensure their M&A is successful by simulating the current state of the merger envisionment, and then illuminate an executable roadmap, ensuring real value.

Lowering Medical Costs

Controlling medical costs requires improving reimbursements, reducing revenue leakage, integrated care, and an introduction of population health management systems. It is also important encourage the right behavior amongst all stake holders to reduce utilization.

Increased revenue cycle management

Revenue cycle management is a complex problem for decision-makers who often don’t focus on the right part of the equation. Galaxies macro view of your revenue cycle enables you to make the right choices, at the right time, through simulations and system thinking.


When designing your organization for integrated care delivery, it is crucial your delivery system is adapted to integrate care across multiple disparate providers and sites. Galaxies enables you to identify high-value decision opportunities while allowing you to measure, incentivize and build lasting constructive behaviors in your organization. We cost effectively provide a road map to positive outcome through simulations and system thinking.

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