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Focus On How

Galaxies consults and provides products to adjust management for the complexity, ambiguity, and fast changing business world. How management is being done, how it’s influencing people and how it’s driving organizations to success is our focus internally and externally. We believe that management has a significant impact on the future of work and organizations and we are determined to make a positive change.  It’s hard to predict the future, but focusing on HOW paves a way for a better future. We apply this principle for our customers, community, providers and partners.

What We Offer

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SaaS Solution
Decreasing conflicts and increasing communication by making responsibilities and expectations clear and available
Helping organizations adjust management to business goals and needs, increase innovation, and use technologies as a competitive advantage
New management theory and system based on concepts of complex adaptive systems and available for free under a GNU license

Our Value Proposition

The past, present and the future taught us how to understand businesses better and resolve businesses’ problems.
From observing nature, we learned that simple logic and math couldn’t explain complex problems.
From our mistakes, we discovered that people and groups are the most crucial part of any business.
We have scars from being different and freethinking, but we managed to gain a better understanding and provide solutions where others failed
This is our journey. Do you want to join us?

Industry Experience

Oil & Gas

Our management system is different!

Galaxies is a decentralized organization that promotes self-management for individuals and self-organization for groups. We are an organization that compensates people without limitation. We believe that conflicts need to be resolved based on merit, and investing time developing self-awareness is a must.

We don’t have titles or roles. We expect people to join us and bring their expertise in different domains to make Galaxies the leading company that not just provide solutions for the future of organization and work, but also provides a living example of such organizations.


Positively changing the future of work and organizations

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