We applied our experience and created a new holistic approach of Management Consulting

Our services


Adjusting current management (theory, structure and system) based on company needs and challenges
Supporting Implementation of adjusting management
Facilitating workshops and training on advanced and cutting-edge management topics (system thinking, chaos, complex systems)


helping organizations create foundations that will increase innovation and creativity
Offering innovation as a service. Innovation in a company exposes it to the company's immune system. we can do it for you from outside of your company.
Facilitating innovation sessions and creativity workshops. 


Leveraging technologies to create competitive advantage
Aligning technology to business goals and strategy based on 20 years of experience as EA and CIO
Turning technology groups from cost centers to crucial and effective business units

Why Us?

  • Tried and true action plan prepared by our experts with implementation experience
  • Forward thinking implementation that anticipates the future
  • Following ISO 20700 (Management Consulting standard) as the guideline  
  • Customer-focused approach that adjusts to meet your unique needs 
  • We evaluate the entire organization to see how it operates as a whole to determine the root cause of business issues before isolating any processes   
  • Proprietary tools and unique resources

Our Method

  1. Learn your business challenges 
  2. Collect data 
    • Business ecosystem and evolution
    • Understanding the people
    • Depicts the challenge as causal loops
    • Depicts the challenge as flow diagrams
    • Computer Model
    • Aggregated interaction
  3. Analyze data
    • Identify casual and flow issues
    • Realizing symptoms and find the root cause
    • Search for leveraging points
  4. Present findings and recommendations 
    • Root cause, symptoms, categories, and cause factors – Galaxies Fishbone
    • Recommended changes and their impact on the business
  5. Stpe-by-step implementation 

    How and where we can help

    • Industries
      • Automotive
      • Gas & Oil
      • Banking
      • Information Technology
      • Retail
      • Wholesale
      • Engineering
    • Services
      • Business Agility
      • Changing management system (Adopting a modern management system)
      • Digital Transformation
      • Information Technology (Enterprise Architecture)
      • Strategy
      • Change management
      • Leadership development – Providing workshops and coaching to create and prepare your leaders for the future of organizations and work
    • Geographical Locations
      • No limitation. We have experience consulting all over the world.
      • No travelling costs for engagements in Texas.

    Interested in seeing the deliverable of our unique process?

    Our Value proposition:

    The past, present and the future taught us how to understand businesses better and resolve businesses’ problems.

    From observing nature, we learned that simple logic and math couldn’t explain complex problems.

    From our mistakes, we discovered that people and groups are the most crucial part of any business.

    We have scars from being different and freethinking, but we managed to gain a better understanding and provide solutions where others failed

    This is our journey. Do you want to join us?

    Let's find out how our journey can help you

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    Positively changing the future of work and organizations

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