Fractional CIO Services

Information Technology (IT) has both tactical and strategic functions. If you have taken care of your tactical IT requirements you may not require a full-time CIO.
Yet, for strategic tasks or complex issues, having an experience CIO could prove incredibly beneficial.

This is where Galaxies can help!

We provide a dedicated fractional (part-time) Chief Information Officer that will be part of your team only as needed.

Team Galaxies will collaborate with your team to create a strategic vision and technology road-map. We will help senior management increase business capabilities through technological innovation and support overall business strategy.

Your fractional CIO will have the responsibility of reducing IT costs, increasing asset and reputation protections, and ensure compliance with all laws and regulations.

We will arrange your IT function to: 

  • operate in any crisis or unexpected situation 
  • run your projects succinctly and efficiently 
  • Resolve complex issues

The beauty is, you get the expertise of an experienced CIO, but only pay for what you need. This saves you time and money while positioning your organization to meet the challenges facing all successful organizations.

Let’s have a conversation to discuss if our capabilities meet your needs and scale a program to get you where you want to be.