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System thinking is a relatively new problem-resolving methodology and tool set designed to better deal with complex (multiple autonomous, diverse and interconnected parts) systems, organizations and problems.  System thinking uncovers how different parts are interconnected informing a holistic picture of the challenge at hand. This view reveals the root causes of known problems formally hidden to leadership. This leads to a new mindset on how systems are working both in the abstract and from a scientific perspective through models and simulations.  This approach allows organizations to succeed in a way traditional analysis is unable to compete with.

What do we offer?

Experience and examples

We invite you to explore our blog. Galaxies is one of the few places where you can find now in-depth tutorials and articles on system thinking. Insight Maker and NetLogo are two free tools we use that support our system thinking models. As Insight Maker is easier to use for non-technical audiences and supports all systems thinking models, we have found it a more valuable tool. We can provide you many examples and success stories on the role of system thinking has taken in resolving complex problems in many industries.

Unique Framework

For years we have been compiling best practices into our proprietary framework which we will use to guide you through the process of scoping to clearly establish your project's objectives and requirements. You will gain greater understanding of the overall business context and what drives your people. We will capture the interlinks and create a holistic view which we will then synthesize to uncover the right solution and inform the roadmap for implantation.

Industry templates

We have created system thinking templates for various industries around common problems which greatly reduces the time needed to identify causes and inform the right solution.

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