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Galaxies has flipped the switch: Our change management platform works and has proven results. We come from a deep understanding of how dynamic systems, such as corporations, operate. We have identified the change management practices that once adopted, will open and encourage the opportunities desired by the organization.

What do we offer?

Our methodology directly involves the individuals and groups impacted by leaderships’ change management decisions. This revolutionary approach puts the burden on the decision making process which creates buy-in from all stakeholders.

Evolutionary approach

Our approach guides your organization to be adaptable so it can take advantage of internal and external opportunities organically. This gradual approach allows your teams to evolve over time and adjust as circumstances mitigate. This is ultimately a quicker and more efficient process that encourages employee buy-in.

Changing Management in all aspects

Galaxies developed a framework which takes all the relevant aspects for a change. We make sure you take into account: people's motivation and what drives them, their interactions with other teams, inter & intra interactions between teams, organizational structures, policies, processes, and technologies, to name a few. Only with this information can a success change be executed.

Mental Models

Understanding people’s mental models is the key for change management success. People tend to see the same reality in completely different ways. Galaxies has developed proprietary mental models which simulate the impact these have on organizations. This informs and accurate view of what drives people.

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