We focus on industries where our hands-on experience has provided positive and measurable results. Our unique approach reveals crucial and unseen information we use to find and resolve ongoing and recurring problems. Using known practices augmented with multiple problem simulations allows us to provide the clear insight and expertise needed to resolve your problem. With this information, we will unlock your potential, turning you into a market disruptor.

Our expertise


Driver Safety, ever changing legislation, route efficiency and utilizing technology effectively are just a few of the elements that make transportation services a complex industry. We have experience helping clients to identify technology, improve operational processes, reduce costs and create roadmap to effectively implement high impact strategies.


Fuel cost, storage, driver shortage and retention, government regulations, environmental issues and other elements are all highly connected with each other. Small changes in one aspect triggers ripple effect on all others. With our holistic approach, we focus not just the elements but the interlinks in between which provides a dynamic roadmap to unleash your strategy. <br>


What we can do:
  • Organization
  • Operation
  • Cost
  • Technology
  • Allocation


At Galaxies, we enable retailers clarity and insight in supply chain convergence, digital technologies, and innovations of convenience,
  • Strategy
  • M&A
  • Organization
  • Operation
  • Technology

Health Care Insurance

We assist healthcare providers to improve patient outcomes, accelerate provider receivables, increase reimbursements, and enable an organization to transform to a revenue based model to a value-based reimbursements model. We use our proprietary framework by working with practitioners, accountable care organizations, hospitals, integrated networks, payers, and delivery systems to provide clarity and roadmaps in the following areas:<br>

Technology ​

Both technology companies and technology departments share the same challenges. Increased complexity and uncertainty, finding talent with current knowledge, being compliant with data governance, security and privacy, cloud challenges, and the need to continuously be disruptive and innovative. <br>

O&G Downstream

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