Industry 4.0

As industries and corporations evolve so do management theory, practice and organizational structures. The greater the change the more profound impact on traditional management and corporate structure and we have already entered a new industrial revolution: Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0 will increase complexity to a level which compels organizations to adapt, adopting operation models designed for complex environments. Galaxies has mastered multiple management models and created new ones, becoming an expert and thought leader in this field.

Together we will examine the pros and cons of each available management theory and create a management practice specifically designed for your organization which will enable you to survive and thrive in an increasingly complex environment.
What do we offer?

Learn from our knowledge

For the better part of the last decade we have greedily collected data on different management theories and their practical implementation. This vast amount of information will be available to you so we can help customize a solution adapted specifically to your organization.

Use our unique experience

We have eight years of extensive experience implementing three types of management practices based on current management theories. Our experience is in the real world. After working with your team to understand the intricacies of your organization we will create a management practice system specifically designed for you.

Leverage our thought leadership

Our passion is new and advanced management theories and practices. We have even authored a book that explains implementing complex adaptive systems and surviving and thriving in a complex environment. Of course, we run Galaxies on the same principles. Executives may talk about new management tools but often lack the courage to envision the possibilities and take the next step: implementation.

Tailored solution

We know from experience that isn’t just one answer, or just one solution, that fits every system. This is particularly true when considering management systems. Working with your team we will adapt our knowledge base to cater to your objectives. We will work with you, step by step, for the duration of the project ensuring a successful transformation.


Our results are measurably higher than contemporary management systems, and we will pass this success on to you. As employee sense of ownership increases so will accountability and performance. This evolution will drive a change in your measurable metrics which will inform continued opportunity while steeling your organization from threats seen and unforeseen.

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