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Workplace conflict costs the American market $450B a year.  Most organizations focus on resolving conflicts.  At Galaxies, our focus is preventing them.  What are the primary forces behind workplace conflict?  We have identified three primary causes. First, ill-defined lines of communication throughout the workforce.  Secondly, ill-defined roles and responsibilities and finally, unclear expectations.  Galaxies has developed a unique solution and approach which will decrease conflicts by increasing the visibility into accountabilities and expectations.  We will provide processes to lesson gaps between job descriptions and reality. Our solution resolves conflicts before they become personal (and often immutable) and brings the visibility necessary  to stave off conflicts before they arise helping the bottom line.

What do we offer?

Experienced consultant

In less than an hour our team of experts will use our templates to take you through the process of redefining how your team see each other through clearly defined roles and responsibilities allowing a free flow of communication resulting in unambiguous expectations. We can also assist in any aspect of implementing a solution, including change management.

Unique Software as a Service (SaaS)

Galaxies’ SaaS solution will unlock internal ambiguities and build a foundation of clearly defined lines of communication, expectations and roles and responsibilities.

We do not utilize archaic methods which are no longer applicable to the challenges of the modern organization. Galaxies’ approach uses your data to surface the inherent problems and then helps you revamp your organization so conflicts are mitigated. This service can be incorporated on a monthly, by user basis, and terminated at any time. We are confident that you will not only continue to use our solution but recommend it to your peers. Data security and privacy will always be at the forefront of our platform.

Increase productivity

We will reduce the time people waste on conflicts to an average of 0.5 hours per person per week down from an average of 2.5 hours per week. It will be easy for leadership to quantify the positive effects to the bottom line.

Improving communication

Our solution decreases conflicts, enhances clarity of accountabilities, expectations and managed assets while improving communication between people filling different roles, taking new roles, or filling temporary roles.

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