Workplace conflict costs the American market $450B a year.

At Galaxies we have identified the primary causes of this conflict and developed a unique and easily implementable SaaS solution.

What are the primary forces behind workplace conflict?

  • Ill-defined lines of communication throughout the workforce both horizontally and vertically
  • Ill-defined roles and responsibilities
  • Unclear expectations

Galaxies’ SaaS solution will unlock these internal ambiguities and build a foundation of clearly defined lines of communication, expectations and roles and responsibilities.

We do not utilize archaic methods which are no longer applicable to the challenges of the modern organization. Galaxies’ approach uses your data to surface the inherent problems and then helps you revamp your organization so conflicts are taken out of the equation.

We begin by rethinking accountability and job descriptions: rather than a traditional monolithic structure we will help you break them down into smaller, usable and manageable functions.  These functions will then be made available to the entire organization creating a transparent infrastructure which encourages communication and dialogue throughout.

Our SaaS solution will redefine how your team see each other through clearly defined roles and responsibilities allowing a free flow of communication resulting in unambiguous expectations.