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Most organizations see operations as a linear process that runs from strategy, research and development, then to the back office and production lines and finally across the entire supply chain.  We see operations as a nonlinear process based on multiple events which can impact each other. Seeing an organization this way opens the door  of opportunity for operational optimization, giving you the competitive advantage. Let’s use our expertise to create disruption in your industry.

What do we offer?

Industry Experience

We also provide expertise to specific industries. With our deep knowledge of these industries and a profound understanding of dynamic systems we provide unique and valuable expertise to help you improve your current operations.

Chaos Theory and Complex (dynamic) Systems

Looking at the reality through a system lens: Chaos Theory and Complex (dynamic) Systems are two sciences we use to understand how complex systems (independent, diverse and interconnected parts) work. With this knowledge we provide a better understanding of how your systems are working and how they can be improved. Galaxies brings both knowledge and expertise to these fields.

Faster decision making

Think of our models as an x-ray or MRI of your operation. This unique insight allows leaders the ability to make better decisions, more quickly, and perpetually improve operations.

Proactive instead of Reactive

Any operation is dealing with unexpected events and changes some of them tend to react to events and some of them prefer to respond. Preparing people for events by giving them tools that they can use in time of unplanned events to keep operations up and running is crucial to keep excellence at any time. Galaxies has extensive experience with creating staff that can respond to difficult and unplanned situations.

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