Capitalizing on IT Assets

While Increasing Efficiencies

Project Management

How often do your projects finish on time and on budget?


How to increase innovation in an increasingly adverse environment?

Recruit & Retain

How do you hire the right talent and keep them for at least two years?

The root cause of your challenges & problems is uncertainty and complexity!

We Can Help!

  • We have created a framework utilizing modern science to specifically
    deal with complexity and uncertainty.
  • We will provide a unique and ready to use tool set to deliver an affordable solution as a service
  • Within days, we will identify the gaps in your organization that are
    hindering your ability to operate in an unpredictable world.
  • We utilize blueprints to improve organizational structure, policies,
    and processes

Galaxies has the experience

A framework that will improve your ability to survive and thrive in times of uncertainty and complexity.

  • 40% increase in customer satisfaction
  • 20% savings with within a 5-year budget
  • 60% increase in business service availability
  • 75% completion of yearly projects

Your Success Plan

1. Identifying a Problem

Together we will identify the scope and define a current problem.

2. Understanding your context

Following your expertise let’s create an understanding of your business and company’s unique context

Watch the play list 

3. Leveraging a framework

Utilize our laser-focused process to rapidly provide the solution.

4. Watch metrics improve

Let’s define metrics for success and watch them grow.

Our Promise

  • Increase clarity during times of uncertainty
  • Get projects back on track in days
  • Resolve problems in weeks
Will lead to:
  • Improve your competitive advantage
  • Boost efficiencies and innovation

Above all we equip people with the tools which enables them to better deal with change. This is desperately needed to improve the world.

Why does it matter?


  • FoxMeyer – Failed due to poor planning and implementation. The implementation cost was budgeted at $65 million with an estimated savings of $40 million per year. Overly ambitious project scope, poor management support, lack of contingency planning, and no end user involvement eventually cost the company $100 million and only saved it $50 million. With no contingency plan, FoxMeyer filed for bankruptcy a few months later.
  • A State of Queensland payroll system project failed at every stage.  Finishing $19 million dollars over budget and 2.5 years late, this project ended up costing an additional $1.15 billion over 8 years because employees had to manually facilitate the payroll.
  • BMW – Poor customer satisfaction was caused by a failed logistics project code named ATLAS that affected 40 distribution centers.  This affected the timeframe a customer can get their vehicle back by months.

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