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Innovation is the key to long term success and survival for all companies. Companies which emphasize innovation have a competitive advantage. All corporate leaders understand the importance of innovation, yet only 6% express satisfaction with the level of creativity within their own organization. Due to real life experience Galaxies is able to bridge the gap between maintaining efficiencies, avoiding risk and nurturing creativity to induce a competitive advantage.

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Embedding creativity into the organizational ethos

Embedding creativity into our daily work is far from a simple or easy endeavour, but we have found the path of least resistance. Using our proven methodology Galaxies will assess your organization and determine the best path for implementation. Upon completion your team will be invigorated, you will be the hero and your organization ready to conquer the future.

Company Wide Hackathon

Hackathons are custom designed to enhance overall corporate objectives while simultaneously infusing creativity into the nerve of the organization. Teams consist of members from each department and applicable vendor partners, who work together in friendly competition against their colleagues to fulfill an objective. The objective is aligned with organizational values and business goals. Resources are evenly shared and the playing field is level. These events blast creativity and cooperation into the culture of the company and often result in tangible ideas, products, etc. being brought to life. At Galaxies, we have years of experience facilitating successful hackathons from inception to proven results, and they tend to make your leaders heros again.

Innovation Lab

Innovation Lab as a service – incubate new ideas in a safe environment

Many organizations are designed with a culture which unintentionally stifles new ideas. Over time this becomes increasingly problematic and hurts growth and longevity. New ideas though, can be disruptive.

This begs the question: how do organizations juxtapose creativity and agility vs. disruption? The answer is Galaxies. We have created an Innovation Lab to help your organization realize Minimum Value Product (MVP) without taking the risk.

Our team will work with your leadership to unlock what MVP would offer the most opportunity for your organization. Galaxies’ Innovation Lab is customizable and scalable. A typical MVP project can take anywhere from a week to three months depending on the scope and objective. With weekly updates your team will be able to follow our progress, provide input and be able to ‘pull the plug’ as you see fit.

All materials from your MVP project belong to you. Upon completion we can help with implementation, form a new company, or simply hand everything over. It’s up to you.

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