Agile Management

How to deal with complex systems

We (as people) and everything around us is systems. We are all set of elements that interact with each other to reach specific goals. Some of the systems around us are simple. They have few elements and expected behavior. Some of the systems are complicated. They have many elements yet a predictable behavior. Finally, we …

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What do interlinks tell us that parts are not?

Breaking problems into small parts and focusing on the parts to improve them is a best practice. This approach simplifies our work by focusing on smaller parts. But those parts are interlinked to each other. What we are missing when we ignore interlinks?

Close and open system

Close and open systems are another example where we simplify reality to make it easier for us but losing significant data, information, and insight during the translation. This video discusses the concept of an open and closed system. Focus on the interactions, not just the parts.

How to measure complexity?

How to measure complexity and where you are in the 4 stages of any organization or system? Galaxies’ OGCE is a simple model that uses autonomy and variety to help you answer the question above.