Agile Management

5 attributes that help to deal with complexity

This video provides a high-level overview of 5 attributes that will help any organization to better deal with complexity. Those attributes don’t need to be fully implemented, they need to be adjusted to organizations and the right portion of them should be implemented.

unrecognizable man walking in building corridor under reconstruction

How complexity created in organizations?

Have you ever wonder how complexity created in an organization? Can you answer this question that has a big impact on net profit and competitive advantage? In this 6 min video, you’ll find the answer.

Learn how to respond to deal with uncertainty!

Control and reaction are the default mechanism to reduce uncertainty and unpredictability. In reality, the pace of those two villains just growing. The best way to deal with them is to prepare people to respond.

4 stages model – why complexity is a stage

Most people see complexity as a bad state that needs to be simplified. In reality, complexity is an essential stage (one out of 4) that every organization is continuously going through.