selective focus photography of octopus

6 reasons why organizations should learn about octopus

Any organization that I know must learn about the octopus to increase the odds to survive and thrive in the business ocean. Here are the 6 primary reasons.

If there is a creature that resembles how I believe organizations need to approach the world, it is an octopus.

First and foremost, with just one hard part, Octopus has maximum fluidity and agility. It can adjust itself to many (physical) situations. That what we need as well.

Second, the ability to change colors instantly and the way it moves is a glorious reminder of how we need to respond (not react) to the surrounding environment.

Third, the ability to change color and do it fast gives a unique way to adapt to any situation. The ecosystem of the octopus is very complex, without a high level of adaptability, he won’t survive. The same applies to us.

Fourth, how the octopus is reaching his abilities is fascinating and applies to organizations. Instead of having a central neural system, the octopus has just a third of his neuron system in his brain, the rest spread between his legs.

Fifth, planning abilities. The ability of some octopus species to carry animals or fruit shells and to use them to hide is the perfect example of planning and be able to respond.

Sixth, curiosity. Octopus is not a social creature, yet they enjoy playing. Playing is the primary way other animals are using to learn how to behave in social organization. Octopus doesn’t need that, yet they play! They play out of curiosity. Curiosity teaches you new things. We need to be curious to thrive.

Which creature depicts the way you see how organizations should behave? Can you explain why?

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