How to better deal with complexity – Part 6: Co-evolution

Co-evolution is one of the attributes that can be added to any organization or group to improve its ability to deal with complexity.

Any individual or group in an organization is part of a bigger group. Even the company is a part of a bigger ecosystem. All of those individuals and groups form dynamic interlinks over time and they are evolving based on feedback they are getting from their respective group interactions. 

Due to interconnectivity and adaptivity, when a change in one group starts, it inevitably impacts the group’s environment. The relevant environment initiate changes to other groups. Eventually, most of the organization and the organizational ecosystem will change. When this cascade of evolving effects starts to take place, co-evolution starts to take place.

Although co-evolution is going to occur through the company, there is no guarantee that the same evolution will be the path that all groups will take. Co-evolution guarantees a wide change due to change in one group, not what will be the change. 

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