How to better deal with complexity – Part 4: Adaptability

Adaptability is one of the attributes that can be added to any organization or group to improve its ability to deal with complexity.

Adaptability – rules and models

Organizations started to be adaptive when they can change current rules that they are following to respond to feedbacks or events into a new set of rules. Changing current rules and patterns (set of rules) to deal with externals and the environment is not trivial in organizations that follow best practices.

On top of changing rules, adaptability can include a change in structure, creation of new capability, or adding/removing people and resources. Any group of people needs to be able to change any aspect of their operation.

When adaptation started from the smaller groups in an organization the organization becomes adaptive. Groups adapt by running in parallel known or new rules or set of rules (patterns) to find the best way to respond to external or internal events.

One of the key attributes of adaptive groups is the ability to run different solutions in parallel. An approach that not in line with efficiencies. Different levels of organization adaptivity create better conditions for different stages.

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