How to better deal with complexity – Part 3: Interconnectivity

Interconnectivity is one of the attributes that can be added to any organization or group to improve its ability to deal with complexity.

Interconnectivity – Dynamic

Every organization is based on interconnectivity between people. During the organization’s lifespan, the number of average connections each person has increases or decreases.

On top of the average number of connections per person, one should take into account the amount of dynamic connectivity between people and groups within the organization.

Like neurons in our brain that are dynamically interlinked and then disconnect, people and groups can create new links and drop existing ones. As dynamic connections within an organization increase, the conditions become favorable for complexity to grow.

Several sciences explore how systems (including organizations) are dealing with internal and external complexity extremely successfully. The goal of this series of posts is to explain in plain business English what are those conditions. I hope that this series will help you to understand or at least learn about dealing with complexity.

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