You try so many things, why not to try a different management system?

Most of us believe that they reached a leadership position because of their ability to see the entire picture, analyze what needed to be done and execute it. We believe that we are the linchpin of the organization or the group that we are leading. Most of the leaders that I meet with believe that their success is directly related to their ability to control the system they are responsible for.

I’m not going to argue with other people believe system, but what if there is a better way to get ten times better results? Or just easier way that reaches the same results, but creates a self-sustained organization or group? Well, as you already know; if you don’t try it, you won’t know!

As a leader, you are trying new ideas each month, week and every day. New marketing strategies, New business initiative, new technologies and even new people. Trying something new is the only way to progress, you know it already.

Why not try a new management system? Yes! Why not? Find a small team that struggle and a new management system that you have in mind or others suggesting, and experiment. If the results are impressive, you can increase your experiment. If not, you can stop it. You’re already taking so many risks to drive your organization forward, take another one.

When you are starting a new experiment of management system just focus on the results of the group. New management system creates different structures that attract different people who create a different culture. This different combination might look like chaos. Please don’t judge it by how it looks, judge it by the results. Even in your personal life, any new start looks chaotic, even if it provides you a huge benefit. It just takes time to adjust to something new.

Happy experiment!

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