Disruptive and Responsive Organizations

Disruptive and Responsive is a must to be on top of the competition! Agility is crucial for survival in our business world that becomes more and more complex, or more and more unexpected. Being Agile enable you to be responsive, not reactive. But, as good as it is to be responsive, to survive in today’s (and future business climate) companies also need to be disruptive. I used to say all the time that if you don’t disrupt yourself, someone else will happily disrupt you. and I mean it.

If you won’t come with new business ideas or new technologies that will disrupt what you and your competitors are doing now, it doesn’t matter how agile or responsive you are. What you are doing is counting down your company’s days.

To survive and thrive today and in the future, you need to create an organization that specializes with being responsive to external threats and can disrupt the business and technologies (without impacting the ability to be responsive). Disruptive and responsive are like chaos and order, yin and yang. Disruption required you to master chaos and responsive required you to muster order. be able to muster them both is a precious commodity.

If it is a struggle to turn a company to be agile, making a company responsive and disruptive is even harder. This change required you to find a way how to make each one in the company not just to be responsive, but also to be creative enough to be an agent of disruptive ideas. This requires a major change in the way you manage and organize your company.

Creating a company that can effectively response and disrupt start with the core of the company, the management system. You need to spend time with as many as people in your organization as you can and find out which changes needed to be introduced to management and organization structure to support being responsive and disruptive.

If you need any help to adjust your management and structure and to create a company that is responsive and disruptive, We at Galaxies will be more than happy to help you.

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