Looking for Interns

If you want to be part of an early stage startup that will change the future of organizations and work, we are looking for interns.  

Galaxies is a company creating software platform helping organizations to thrive in the ever-increasing complex business world, increase creativity and reduce information overload.

We are small and scrappy, and we are looking for someone who wants to gain real-world experience. 

We are seeking the right candidate for a minimum of 2 days a week.

We operate without hierarchies and managers. Based on the principles of decentralization, distribution, self-management and self-organized teams. We are looking for people that can work in an environment like that and have the following development and personal skillset:

• Basic JS skills
• MYSQL skills (Ability to read and write queries simple). 
• Knows how to use VS Code or Other Text Editors. 
• Some AWS knowledge would be a plus.
• Demonstrates good listening and communication skills.
• Self-motivated and independent work ethic.
• Be punctual 
• Strong work ethic 
• Work well in a small environment <
• Team Player 
• Be able to dive in and figure things out

Unpaid internship for credit only. 

Applicants must be nationals or have the appropriate visa. 


Flexible hours. 

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