Would you be a part of an organization like that?

If you could join an organization without hierarchies and managers (I know sounds not realistic to many people), an organization that requires you to manage yourself and enables groups to be autonomous and self-organized. A structure that is based on a clear purpose and identity of the organization and every group that is part of it. A place that your compensation is based on the organization profit, not limited, and derive from your contribution based on functions you performing. A unique group of people who believe that revenues need to invest first on giving people benefits and then on compensation, that in tough time they need to impact income and always keep benefits (if revenues permits). A working environment that required you to focus on self-awareness, different and unconventional ways to provide value to others. If someone will offer you all of that, would you join such an organization?

I’m taking the risk of creating organization like that, organization that will change the future of work and organization, would you join me?

You can read more about how we are operating here. Also review our principles.

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