Galaxies is starting to turn theory into reality – follow our journey

It took us one year to create a new management system, a decentralized organization that is base on self-management, self-organized teams, autonomy, and a whole new way how to motivate people and increase the emergent performance of a company. It took us another year to invest in a software platform that is crucial for running decentralized organizations.

Now we are ready to turn the theory into reality. We are starting to create software as a service solution that will revolutionize organizations as they are operating today. A platform that will enable any organization management and structure to reduce their management and HR efforts in at least X10, while increasing their ability to deal with a complex business environment in X10.

We are going to make our purpose of “positively improving the future of organizations and work” a reality while turning our management and structure theory (running organizations as a cloud of autonomous groups while asking people to be self-managed and groups to be self-organized) into a practice. This is going to be a long and tough journey, but we believe that we can prove to the world that we can build a significant company that will leave an impact on organizations by following our approach to motivate people and organize work.

We invite anyone that wants to subscribe to our blog and learn from our experience. One of our principles is radical transparency, so I can guarantee you that it is going to be exciting reading.

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