Running Companies on Non-deterministic Management – Steer by your environment

Most of our organization today are steered and govern by bodies of few from the organization. Those people supposedly need to have enough knowledge and experience to make sure that different projects, initiatives and day to day activities are going the right direction. Well, if steering by internal few is so good why so many businesses that disappeared from our world (80% from the fortune 500), why steel majority of projects are not successful and why the majority of people are NOT engaged at work?

The default alternative is to increase the few in the organization to many, even the entire organization. This approach won’t be too successful as well as such organization decisions still based on a robust internal assumption of the organization.

Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS) found out that systems are not governed and steered by internal forces, systems are governed and guided by the environment. Each system has in place feedback loops that are continuously getting feedbacks from the environment and emerge or operate base on those continuous feedbacks.

So what you have to do if you want to base your organization on non-deterministic management systems? You need to determine and set the necessary feedbacks loops from your business environment. Make sure that your feedbacks are coming from all elements in your environment, that they are continuous, that it’s easy to receive them and process them. On top of that, there should be an internal mechanism for ensuring a constant emergence of elements in the system to react to the environment. Once those principles in place (and there are different ways how to achieve them), make sure that previous steering and governing bodies resources allocated to other needed activities.

If you can use technology to receive feedback from the environment and to alert or even recommend needed actions, you will position yourself in a much better place. Such an approach will minimize most of the biases and flows that our human brain has.

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