How to leverage non-deterministic science for your business?

Science realized that non-deterministic approaches (such as Chaos Theory and Complex Systems) are needed on top of the current methods to explain certain phenomena.

Those new non-deterministic approaches ended up with semiconductors, DVD, remote control, etc’. They revolutionized our living style and started the data/information revolution.

We realized that on top of deterministic & linear management we need non-deterministic and non-linear management. Based on our existing experience with non-deterministic management systems, we spend time and effort to create a new management system based on Chaos Theory and Complex Systems. This new management system can have, side by side, different management styles (such as hierarchical management, flat organization, micro organizations, etc.). We learned that different groups of people need different management style to operate optimally, so we created a system that can support this basic need.

This new management system can do for your business exactly what chaos theory and “complex system” did for science. You can find more data on this new management concept here: The eco-autonomous (NDM) organization
If you want to learn more, contact us:

We even implemented the conceptual management system as a SaaS solution that automates all processes needed to run an organization based on non-deterministic concepts. If you want to be part of the pilot group, send an e-mail to

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