Innovation – an advantage of #NoHierarchy / Agile management

The optimal condition for innovation growth is between chaos and order. The principles of Self-management and self-organization are tuned to create ongoing conditions for being on the edge between chaos and order. If you add into the mix the #NoSilos (hybrid groups of expertise instead of departments), you even increased the frequency that your group will move between chaos and order. It takes people time to find the balance between chaos and order that works for them, and obviously, it takes a different period of time to different people. In this adjusting time, chaos will be more dominant but don’t worry it is just a matter of time until it will be more order. People see the chaos and get back to order. But the reality is a continuous swing between order and chaos; there is nothing we can do about it. Stuck in order is getting into an equilibrium state, a state bad for every living organism. When people find their own balance, creativity and innovation will pour like heavy rain and surprise you every day. Be supportive and let the laws of evolution work on innovation. Don’t kill innovation; evolution will kill unsuccessful ideas for you. Giving innovation freedom will enable it to grow to higher and higher levels. If you have the need for disruption and the ability to deal with chaos, increase the level of chaos for each individual in the group (or for all of them together, although the risk will be much higher). Once chaos will grow up, you’ll see disruption released into the air. Disruption won’t come at the same pace of innovation, but enough to end up with one disruption that will give you a significant competitive advantage.

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