Radical Transparency to increase trust

Be as transparent as much as you can with anyone you work and interact with. Any member of your organization should know and understand any decision taken and based on what. It doesn’t matter if it is a decision regarding compensations or company strategy, a successful decision or a bad decision. All decisions and what they based on must be transparent to all organization members.

Never hide any information and always raise a flag. Always communicate the entire picture. Never communicate just the part that works for you, communicate the entire picture (even if it’s not conducive for you). When you aware of any data, facts or actions that weren’t communicated to all the needed parties within or outside the organization raise a flag and let people know that as a group we are missing transparency. This is easy to say, but hard to do and required a culture that supports people to speak up without any consequences.

Be transparent when you have any tension with another human. Don’t keep the tension to yourself! be transparent and mindful about the way that you convey your message to other people. Other people need to know that you have a tension, what triggers the tension and what is your tension. Hiding tensions end up with a big crisis, being diligent and transparent resolve the tension easily and quickly. If you won’t be transparent about the tension, the other side won’t be able to understand it and do as much as he can to resolve the tension with you.

Transparency creates a high level of trust, so use it all the time.

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