Delays and the Difficulty in Understanding their Impact

Delays of cause and impacts are one of the main reasons for complex problems in organizations. Almost any action that each of us takes during his roles has impacts on other people or on actions he will perform in the future. Most of those actions won’t have a direct impact on other people or actions. There will be a delay between the action someone took or the event that happened (the cause) and the impact on other people or actions.

The problem with delays is that it’s hard for our minds the grasp it. We expect immediate gratification and ignore delays and their impacts on us and the organizations we are part of.

The only way to be on top of delays is to be aware of them, look for them, capture them and understand how they impact us. The next step is to understand what caused the delay and to find out if there is any way to remove the delay without harming the entire system.

Once you start to pay attention to delays you’ll see them all over you. Not all of the delays have negative impacts. Some of them have positive impacts and taking them out of the system will have negative consequences. Some solutions to complex problems will be the introduction of a new delay to the system.

Do you know what are the delays in your organizations that impact you?

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