Implementing delays using InsightMaker in Stocks & Flows diagrams

This video explains how to create a delay in stock and a delay in a flow with InsightMaker. Delays are very common in business and it’s important to model them and take them into account when running simulations. 

It’s very easy to implement those delays. For some reason, the documentation is not straight forward, so I thought to share how to do it with everyone. The video takes into account that you are familiar with InsightMaker and you know how to create stocks and flows. 

In the video, we will create a simple stock that will move one element from A to B and what exists in B to C. The default run produces this graph:

Once we turn B into a conveyor and implement a delay, the graph will be like that:

After adding a delay on the flow between B to C, the diagram will look the same, but it’s fundamentally different.

Removing the delay from stock B, will change the graph and reveal the behavior with just a delay of the flow.

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