What causes silos and how interlinks can reduce silos in companies?

Silos within organizations foster a non-collaborative environment and often result in data and information being kept from key stakeholders.  The resulting dysfunction stagnates an organization and fosters a cycle of uncooperative behavior. 

Outside observers view an organization as a whole and may not see the fragmented infrastructure yet the resulting dysfunction invariably surfaces and leads to an organizations demise.

Silos are typically the result of traditional business models designed for simpler times.  Often behavior and antiquated internal structures can be a root cause of a siloed organization.

Traditional management theories can be best summarized into three categories:

  • Scientific Management
  • Bureaucratic
  • Administrative

Commonalities include the notion of personal becoming a specialist and creation of homogeneous groups of specialists, or departments.   This structure tends to create an isolated culture and us vs. them mindset inhibiting collaboration.

Furthermore, a siloed organization promotes competition between groups over limited resources furthering internal conflicts.  The resulting dysfunction creates a negative corporate culture which becomes self-perpetuating.

This outdated structure inhibits overall corporate objects opens avenues for internal and external threats to gain traction.  The result causes a focus on people and groups rather than the connections between them.  This in turn creates informal networks not necessarily aligned with strategic objectives causing an unwillingness to evolve as circumstances warrant.

Today organizations are increasing determined to eliminate silos and create a collaborative environment which fosters agility and adaptability increasing their competitive advantage.

This is where Galaxies comes in.

We have developed a framework to collect the necessary data and interlinks which is used to identify where silos are happening so they can be rooted out and eliminated.   Our solution-based platform is easily implemented and our expertise unparalleled in this field.  Whether or not you want a major transformation or more focused solution Galaxies will be your transformation partner.

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