Management systems – 9 principles of a new and fascinating one

A management system running on principles from complex systems around us

This video can help you better understand a new and fascinating management system that is based on non-deterministic sciences such as Complex Adaptive System and Chaos mathematics. This system takes principles that used by complex systems around us (the markets, the internet, cities, etc), that manage to survive and even thrive in extremely complex environments, and build adjusted management system based on those principles.

Current management system leveraging Newtonian, linear, and reduction oriented sciences

Since scientific management and through Edward Deming management was based on science. Regretfully management systems are based on deterministic, Newtonian, linear, and reduction oriented science. While science understood the limitation of the current system and adopted non-linear and non-Newtonian methods, such as quantum mechanics, chaos mathematics and complex systems; management systems are still based on deterministic science.

Moving to a new non-deterministic management system is a natural evolution of management and organizations that need to adjust themselves to a significant change in the environments they are operating


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