Why a manifesto for agile management and organizations? and why now?

We all carry some frustration about the time we’re spending at work. Each one of us has a different set of frustrations generate from different experiences or expectations from the working place. If you spend some time trying to figure out what is causing your frustration, you probably figure out that today’s management system and the way organizations structured are the two main reasons. It’s not that people are bad and evil; it’s the system in place that responsible for your experience in the working environment. If you didn’t spend time thinking about what causes your frustration, I encourage you to take this effort.

Continuous improvement is a prevalent concept used by management, but have you ever seen management utilizing this concept to improve management practice? Well, we all know the answer. If you read management concepts created more than one hundred years ago, you’ll find most of them still being used by your organization

Like in any field in our life, some pioneers understand the limitations of the current concept and initiate new concept that are introducing improvements. Some of those pioneers success and change our world, most of them will be happy that they at least tried.

We believe that current management practices can be improved by augmenting them with principles taken from sciences that already successfully changed our world. We believe that complexity is the main struggle for organizations today and the current management system are not set to deal with complexity.

We express a deep concern that management systems are not set to deal with ever-increasing complexity and they will cause many organizations to reach a state that will end up with a significant financial crisis. Therefore we spend the time and effort to share six simple values, we believe can help managers and organizations to better deal with complexity. We believe that adopting the manifesto six values will help organizations to survive and even thrive in a complex business environment.

Since organizations are the primary vehicle for people to get resources to fulfill their need (physiological, safety, belonging and love, social needs, and self-actualization), any impact on organizations is a direct impact on humans! Therefore we believe this is the right time for this manifesto, and more critical for implementing the manifesto in your organization.

We encourage you to read the manifesto: https://galaxiez.com/manifesto-for-agile-management/, sign it and start to implement it.

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