Company and work laws needed to be adjusted for the future of work

As practitioners and pioneers in the field of decentralized, distribute authority & decision making, autonomy and self-managed & self-organized organizations we can see several future adaptations needed to current laws and we will be happy to work with others to advocate and make the change.

First and foremost we need to be able to run companies based on more modern approaches (supported more by LLC) instead of the rigid management structure that required a board of directors that sets policies and oversees the business and management by officers (Corporates). On the other hand, we need to enable companies that are running based on modern management principles to sell stocks, today just corporates can do it. In today’s world, you must have a rigid and fragile structure if you want to raise more money to grow your business quickly. The question is why?

The second problem is exempt and non-exempt. If you want to enable people to be part of your organization, but they can choose what the effort they want to put in your company ( measured today by hours, but it’s wrong and should be measured by contribution) you have to pay them by the hour. If you want to allocate a certain percentage of your revenues between all the workforce, you exposing yourself due to the Fair Labor Standards Act. We all know that even in today’s salary world, non-exempt people want to be exempt, so what will happen if your income is based on company revenue and it’s limitless?

From a technical aspect, you can hire people today by using different questionnaires and algorithms to determine if a given candidate is a good fit for the skillsets, competencies and your culture. Actually, this is a more fair and non-discriminate system as the robot doesn’t know or saw the candidate. But, If you’ll try to use this approach and consult a lawyer, The advice that you are going to get is not to do it due to the current law. Well, hello! The world changed, and we need to adjust our laws to support those changes.

Those are the three conflict we are experiencing all the time. I’ll be happy to hear about others and more happy to work with others on changing what we have today.

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