We are growing, join us to change the future of work and organizations!

Galaxies (www.ongalaxies.com) is expanding and looking for people that believe and feels comfortable with organizations running on non-linear and non-deterministic management systems (#NoHierarchy). Our mission is to make doers thinkers again. So if you want to be part of a company that is changing how organizations are running and operating, that creates the future of work and organizations, you have a place with us.

We don’t have roles (AKA Job Descriptions)! Our company operates following the ideas of self-organized teams, self-management, autonomy, and distribution of decision making including authority (AKA decentralized organizations). You can spend any time that you want with us, and you’ll be compensated based on the value that the functions you are performing and revenues of the company. Yes, as we are getting more revenues, your compensation is growing.

We are looking for people with programming (AWS), marketing, and Organization Design (Ability to help organizations to transform into non-deterministic management system) background. E-Mail: natty.gur@Galaxies.com or contact us for more details.

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