The need for Agile Management system

Science evolves over the years from the Newtonian deterministic approach to non-deterministic non-linear approaches such as quantum physics, chaos mathematics, and complex systems. Those theories have a contribution to science and our lives. Although the new sciences are negating the old ones, all of them are part of the whole we call science. Each of those theories is a better fit for different needs and conditions. The world is not black and white, as we all know it.

The same applies to management. Management started with Taylorism, administrative and bureaucratic systems. Adopted Theory X & Theory Y,  and embraced a part of the Toyota production system. All the above are deterministic systems (same as Newtonian and relativity), but our business world is more and more unplanned and uncontrolled which required a non-deterministic approach.

The same as the deterministic science theory is the root of scientific management, the new non-deterministic management system (Agile Management) is based on the theory of chaos and complex systems. We should analyze organizations based on system thinking instead of the current deterministic approach most of us taking.

Adopting a non-deterministic approach doesn’t mean that we should drop the management system we are using. Each one of the above management systems has a place and a need. We need to use the appropriate method for the right requisites.

Most current and future businesses deal with ever-increasing complexity experience as unknown, uncertainty and unplanned events. Those businesses require more non-deterministic approaches than our current management approaches. If I need to depict the relevant portion of the mentioned management systems, it will look like this diagram:


Be prepared for the need to adopt non-deterministic – Agile management systems. Adopting a new management system is two to four years of a tedious journey. If you don’t start this journey now, it might be too late for you.

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