Happier people – The advantage of #NoHierarchy / Agile management

I kept the most important advantage of Agile management to the end, but for me, on a personal level, this is the most important reason. All of my life since childhood I saw people coming from work unhappy, frustrated and as a result not enjoying their life. It’s clear that going to work wasn’t a positive experience for them and their environment. For most of the people I know, work is a necessary evil to get money, so they can do what they enjoy doing. Maybe it’s generation thingy, perhaps it’s not, but that what I saw and I see.

It took me time to understand that the disappointment and resentment that people have from work is related to the management system. Instead of trusting you to do the best that you can while doing what you really want and good at, you are being told what to do (in different degrees) and pushed to do what someone else believes it is good for you.

#NoHierarcy/ agile organizations are different. They let you choose what you want to do, and they give you the autonomy to decide how to do it. They enable you to change what you are doing and learn new expertise easily. They even compensate you fairly. But above all #NoHierarchy / Agile organization are focused on Self-awareness! Self-awareness is helping people to be aware of their strengths and weaknesses in an honest, sincere and calm way. This focus (as I heard from many people) makes them better people and helps them in any aspect of their lives.

In a nutshell, #NoHierarchy organizations create happier people. People that work is part of their life, not a necessary evil. Happier people create happier families, happy families happier communities and from there to a better world the path is pretty obvious.

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