Finding the root cause of a problem

The most common model to get to the root cause of a problem is asking 5 times way. Although this is an effective tool it not always get into the root cause. Augment the 5 ways with this model.

Stateful Respond

Instead of reacting, an organization can develop stateful respond. This capability enables identifying organization current state, needed state, and the gap between them. This simple model defines 4 cyclic states that each group of people going through all the time. It explains how to use autonomy and verity to find the current group state and …

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10 steps to resolve complex problems

There are simple, complicated, and complex problems. Many people are unfamiliar with the difference between complicated and complex problems. Complicated problems have many parts, and it takes time and effort to understand how the system is working. Complex problems also have many parts, but even if you’ll understand how all the parts are working, you …

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Business fractals

Business fractals are a subset of Fractals – complex and beautiful structures created from simple rules. The same applies to companies’ structures. An understanding of this structure can help leaders to better grasp the dynamics of companies and businesses.