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Measuring Complexity

Knowing the level of complexity you are dealing with is key. To high-level of complexity and there is a risk to fall into entropy. To low level and your competitive advantage is at risk. This video describes in high-level how to measure complexity?

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How to improve company governance using complexity?

From the board to a group of people, management governance has the same purpose and the same problems. Governance (as defined by ISO 26000) is a “system by which an organization makes and implements decisions in pursuit of its objectives.” It’s the process to ensure that principles, policies, standards, and working instructions set up by a group

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How to improve customer satisfaction using complexity?

We all have the unpleasant experience of calling a call center to get customer service or to try to resolve a problem that we have. Our interaction with any company, we purchase commodities or services form, will rarely end up as a good experience. The question is WHY? This post, take into account that you

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A high-level view of complexity in management & business context

This post organizing all our latest posts on complexity, management & business. It’s a collection of data on how complexity started and how to deal with complexity from management & business point of view. How from order does complexity emerge: 1 – Attractors – https://galaxiez.com/2020/06/16/how-from-order-does-complexity-emerge-part-1-attractors/ 2 – Distance between company states and starting point –

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How to better deal with complexity – Part 8: Diversity

Diversity is one of the attributes that can be added to any organization or group to improve its ability to deal with complexity. Diversity in organizations is a product of people coming from different cultures, with different personalities, skill sets, generations, ages, education, and experience. This mixture brings a holistic view of any challenge and

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Simply Seizing Complexity

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