12 simple steps to develop creativity at work

This post listed 12 ideas on how to increase creativity at work. I hope that you’ll use and enjoy it.

Original blog post: Write every day an original blog post. Even if you are writing on the same topic, genuinely convey the message. It can be a video, a song or anything new. If you are not posting on social media, write it in your personal notebook.

New games or activities: We all need to deliver messages or ideas at work. The standard way is a presentation. We are not going to be conventional! Think about new games or activity to deliver your message and use it. Games are one of my favorite ways to be creative.

One authentic quote: If you are blogging, blog at least one genuine quote a day. If you do not blog, tweet one original quote a day. If you hate social media, add a new daily quote to your e-mail signature. Gunioun means that you thought about this quote, no one else. Make sure that you checked out that it is authentic. How? Be creative! Send me a comment on what you found. One tip: Grammarly has this feature; it’s called Plagiarism.

Present recurring reports in different ways: Those weekly reports and updates that you have to deliver are great opportunities to practice creativity. Every week find a new idea of how to present those reports/updates differently. The intent here is not to use new presentation template or style, it is to find a way how to deliver this boring data in different and more engage way.

Take unfamiliar task: There is always someone in your team or in your company that needs help. Volunteer to help him! Take a task that you are not familiar with and has a tight deadline. It will take a lot of creativity to finish this task on time. You’ll also have a new friend 🙂

E-mails: E-mails can be another opportunity to be creative as well. Force yourself to change your corporate e-mail format authentically, without putting yourself in any problem. Just think about how you can deliver the same message differently. I already mention signatures, but there are plenty of other ways to be creative with e-mails.

Prank someone at work! Really! It is fun, and it required a lot of creativity. Be sophisticated and have one rule: never repeat the same trick! It’s better to do it in groups. Send your creation, I might use it as well. Last but not least, make it funny, don’t be mean.

Change your working environment: Change or make your working space different at least every month. Choose a theme and express yourself! It is also fun! A competition on the most creative working space? That’s another creative idea.

Voice messages: You have a voice message? There is a different way to practice creativity. Change it at least every month. obviously, every time to a new and authentic message. “Hello, you’ve reached Natty, I’m not available right now ..” is not a creative message. Send me your phone number, so I can have fun as well.

Be creative with your service providers: Everyone has service providers. Find a creative and unique way to thank them every month. It will sharp your creativity, and it will also increase the level of the service you are going to get. I’m one of your service providers, you can practice on me 🙂

Always find a different point of view: In a meeting or discussion, when everyone agrees or think the same way on a topic; think about a different point of view – at least one. You don’t have to talk about it, just think about it. If you share a different point of view, you are preparing yourself to deal with innovation.

The most obvious one: find a new and better way to do your work. Something is really bothering you. You know that this process can be better. If we add technology, it will be faster. There are many opportunities for creativity at work. When one arises, use it. Instead of complaining, find a way how to fix it and drive it to a working implementation!


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