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After “smiley Joe” left EverPerfect inc. Offices and start his car engine, his smile vanished from his face. A cold, angry expression covered his face as the events from his workday begin to repeat in his head like a bad movie. “Shit” he shouted and slammed the wheel. Smiley Joe never uses any profanity at work; he wears the professionalism mask as he enters the building every day. Now, alone in his car, he didn’t have to wear any musk. He was mad! Extremely mad. He made the same vow in the 1374 time, I’m starting to look for a new place tomorrow morning.

I’m working more than 12 hours a day diligently to get them out of the marketing hell they hired me to fix, and no one even appreciates it. No appreciation is good comparing the complete ignorance of any suggestion that I put in place to fix problems. Instead of supporting my ideas, I’m treated like a kid that needs to get instruction what needed to be done and how he should behave. All I’m getting is implicit treats, and I’m the third person filling this role for the last twelve months.

Sounds like a familiar monolog? I even wrote it very mild compared to what I hear from people daily. It is evident that something wrong with the management system that creates an environment and culture, causing 85% of the wold employees to feel disengaged at work.

We can change the future of management!

You, yes YOU can do something to change it! Educate yourself about different management systems. Believe me, there is a slew of available management systems that are more relevant to today’s work. Find other people in your organization that feels the same and start to discuss and ideate new management system and how they can be implemented in your organization. You might be surprised, but executives in your organizations are the people that are more open to such ideas. After all, 85% of executive agree that the current management system is not a fit; they just don’t know what the right alternative is.

You can get into your car with a fake smile and replace it with a grumpy face, or you can get in and out of work with a genuine smile. You need to find people at work that you can collaborate with on other management systems. If you start such a collaboration, you will be surprised what the energy of a group can do to the entire organization, even a small group of people. You also will be amazed at the influence of small groups in different working places on the world. Every change starts small and grows exponentially, fueled by the energy released by small groups of people devoted to a particular goal.

Please, Don’t just accept what you experience today at work, be proactive and change the future of management!

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