The more variety of virtual commodities, the more odds to be successful in the future

The future of organizations is more variety and more virtual commodities. Yes, there is always a place for physical commodities, but virtual products have fewer limitations of growth and revenues.

I want to distinguish between physical commodities (like cars) and virtual commodities (like data). Both can be bought and sell, just in different percentage of profit due to the investment in creating and maintaining the physical products. The best example is Waze (data) solution Vs. Nokia (Physical detectors) for navigation. Again, Physical commodities are always needed, but if you can sell virtual commodities, it puts you in a better place from a business point of view.

Variety is also crucial for business success. Too much variety and no variety will be impactful for any business, but some level of variety is needed to be able to, at least, get a competitive advantage.

So if your business finds the right variety level of virtual commodities, you are probably more prepared than others for the future of our business world.

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