Clear definition of people roles is essential for communication

Communication is one of the biggest challenges that every company is facing. It is one of the main complain for so many years, which indicates that communication is a systematic issue that every company is dealing with.

Communication is based on the knowledge of who are all the element (people and technological systems) in a company, what the expect to do, and what data they expect and need to receive from other parts in the company. But, in reality, companies are based on people filling positions that were defined as job description when they hired, read by a few people in the organization, and became utterly outdated after one year. What people in organizations are using today is a vague definition of responsibilities and assets one is managing. This definition is usually based on his title (which is mostly vague as well).

Based on this vague and biased conception of what other people are doing and what they are responsible for the organization communication system is working. As a result, many people are not getting the communication they need because the sender of the data wasn’t aware that his message impacts them. The other common result is information overload as messages sent to a wide audience to make sure that no one will miss the message.

One way or another because a clear definition of roles in the organization (purpose, assets the role manage and responsibilities) is missing, communication become one of the significant challenges for organizations.

Using a system that defines roles and also taking one step ahead by defining the interaction between functions will help any organization to change communication positively. If you want to try such a system, you can count on us.

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