When it is tough

Starting something new is tough; starting a new organization is tougher, changing how organization operate is the toughest goal one can take. Thess word can summaries a long journey that we just started (a year of work). But, doing something challenging has a lot of benefits. It’s interesting, you have to think a lot, any small achievement looks like you climbed Mount Everest and it forces you to be positive (a good thing for a pessimistic person like me 🙂 ).

Between the peaks of achievements, there are the valleys of failure and disappointment. When you find yourself in one of those valleys you have to remember three facts:
1) Yin and Yang. There are no successes without failure. It’s essential to accept and learn from the failure. Never blame others as it is your failure and you need to understand what YOU have done wrong to reach the next peak.
2) Your passion/mission in life. Doing something tough should come as a result of an intrinsic push to achieve one passion or mission in life. Always remember your drive! This fire will warm you up in cold nights or even long winters.
3) Focus on now. The past already happened and there is nothing you can do to change it. The future is out of your control as well, and there is nothing you can do about it. You can always influence the current moment, so focus on that. Figure out what you can do now to get out of the valley and do it!

My mission in life is to change how organizations motivate people and organize work. It is not a simple mission. I want to use this opportunity to thank everyone that was and is part of this journey. I didn’t mentioned people in the three points above as people are the inevitable and a must for anything one want to achieve. Without the people that I worked with, I would never write those lines! I can promise you that in my lifetime I’m going to fulfill my mission and make this world a better place for new generations to come.

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